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BioSage Technologies is a specialty manufacturer representative and distributor with a comprehensive line of medical devices and products for both surgical and clinical settings.  Our company was founded on the simple principle…Represent best in class products and deliver with unparalleled customer service.      

What sets us apart…

We have aligned ourselves with distinguished clinicians throughout the cardiovascular field and are committed to identify and provide them with the best products the market has to offer.  There are many small to mid-sized manufacturers around the world that have developed some of the most technologically advanced medical solutions available who seek proven distribution channels.  Our company, based on existing relationships, was created to bridge the gap between top tier clinicians and manufacturers of high quality medical products while cultivating a unique business experience.

What we look for…

BioSage Technologies is constantly in search of best in class products and delivering them to the hands of a skilled clinician.  Our clients have agreed to evaluate new products related to their field which have completed FDA  approval along with documentation of clinical efficacy and evidence of a value proposition to their practice.  

If you have a medical device or product and are seeking distribution, contact us and we will arrange a review process.